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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Coming soon...A college course in Real Estate Services / Management

There have been debates on whether the Bachelor of Science / Arts major in Real Estate Management or Real Estate Services will push through. With the news coming from Dr. Eduardo G. Ong, Chairman of Professional Regulatory Board on Real Estate Services (PRBRES) of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) during the 32nd Annual Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines - National Convention held at  Holiday Inn , Mimosa, Clark Freeport, Pampanga last November 25 to 27, 2010.

As he mentioned, it will be a four year course and will offered first by major state colleges and universities nationwide in the next year or two as a proving ground on this new curriculum. While private colleges and universities will be offering the course by 2012 or 2013 after the implementation of this.
Currently, the real estate professional is undergoing major transition from DTI to PRC with the start of acceptance in the application and registration to the Professional Regulation Commission  (under the Grandfather clause) since August of this year and will end on 30 of July 2011. The first batch of real estate professionals taking their first oath-taking at the Manila Hotel was held on November 30, 2010 presiding over was Chairman Eduardo G. Ong and others.

For many who took the "Panunumpa ng Professional or Oath Taking Ceremonies". It was a exhilirating and wonderful moment for them as they are now included in the rosters of true professionals under the professional regulatory board a government agency that is truly respected by most.

It is in my deep thoughts and hope that the real estate industry would  look into the potential of graduates of this new college course in the real estate profession and phasing out or removing the unscrupulous entities tarnishing this growing market in the future.

PS: Real Estate Brokers Licensure Examination under Professional Regulations Commission will be on March 2011. I make more further announcements and queries for those who would like to join with us.


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finding a Reliable Real Estate Broker in the Philippines | Tips you need to know.

It is hard to come by in finding a few good professionals among a hundreds of thousands of real estate practitioners in this country where he/she can help you in finding the right home or selling a property in order to liquidate it into cash. Remember that real estate is not an easy to sell asset wherein the cyclical business is in effect (it may be boom or bust) wherein it still rely on the market and economic conditions. Also selling off your property may take time from weeks, to months or a year before it will turn to profit or cash depending on the state of the economy, demand and other factors such as how reliable and efficient is your real estate broker.

However the gains on selling the property is enormous with the current buyer's market for the OFWs and affordable segments of Class D and E with seller's market of segment A, B and C (Upper Society or Upper Middle to Low Middle Class). There has been a slow down in the demand however people are still dreaming of owning a property either for immediate need as a home or as profitable rental business.

Anyways, here are some tips in finding a reliable real estate broker:

1.) Set an Appoinment - It would be wiser for sellers / buyers to get to know first the person you are negotiating with. Make an interview him or her and get to know him/her well.

2.) Qualifications: Is he/she a licensed real estate practitioner? He can show his qualifications on hand with a resume, a calling card with license to practice on it. Plus the contact numbers or he / she has a website it will have plenty of information about him/her on his short bio etc. As of today, most Filipino real estate broker / realtors follow the Republic Act 9646: Real Estate Service Act of 2009 on which the Implementing rules and regulations plus the code of ethics is still on the process. The Philippine Regulatory Board on Real Estate Services under the Professional Regulations Commission (PRBES-PRC) overseers all the regulations in the practice of the Real Estate Profession. Other suggestions for sellers is to further investigate and research about the person you want to contact by reaching the following websites for real estate practitioners as bona fide members of good standing through for Certified Real Estate Brokers (CRBs) who are members of Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) or for Realtors or members of Philippine Association of Realtors Board (PAREB) and contact their organizational secretariats to verify.

3.) Knowledge and expertise - he/she must know the current condition or state of the properties he would be selling off. Sometimes will ask for a meet up with a seller and make an ocular inspection on the said property. Also must be updated with current tax laws and property zoning and valuation especially for commercial properties. Don't forget to ask what his / her real estate specialization to narrow down your interviews and the person you are looking for. There are real estate practitioners who are very good in general brokerage, others may be focused only in project selling and marketing on newly developed markets, others maybe engage in raw land or farm land selling.

4.) Marketing experience - A reliable real estate broker / realtor would ask questions ranging from the size of the lot area, the price you are selling your property and any terms or conditions from modes of payment, other pertinent information like history of the home, the tax declaration and also ask for the photocopy of the transfer of title certificate. A buyer should be open to some suggestions of a reliable real estate broker on payment terms for example. A seller should also be flexible with some terms as long as it is feasible and would all the benefit the party in liquidating the property.

5.) Network - A reliable real estate broker / realtor must be connected with clients looking for properties and at the same has built a large network among fellow brokers from within the organization he or she is a member of. Real Estate Brokers / Realtors have Multiple Listing System (MLS) for Realtors (members of Philippine Association of Realtors Board or PAREB) and Property Listing System (PLS) for Certified Real Estate Brokers (CRBs) for members of Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) wherein they can post online within their organization website or show the listing during organization meetings in order for the broker to get help in marketing and selling off your property immediately.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Real Estate Professionals: New Changes will be happening soon!

Well I am not hiring but I would to share some great news on recent email sent to us by our National Chairman Mr. Julius Topacio. There will be some changes happening within the ranks of real estate professional in the whole Philippines.

A New Curriculum for new Real Estate Program

In the anticipation of placing a curriculum in major colleges and universities on a program leading to a Bachelor 's degree in Real Estate Management Services in the coming years as Commission on Higher Education Technical Panel are crafting the said new curriculum available in the next few years. The development of the new program is in progress and no updates yet for the public.

Creation of PHILRES

So far there the passing of implementing rules and regulations of the RESA Law is still at work and the elected officers of the newly formed Philippine Institute of Real Estate Services is now open for membership in the coming months. Details of membership of real estate brokers, appraisers, consultants and government assessor and accredited salesperson are not yet available. The proposed code of ethics is still for approval by the PRC.

CRESRs and CPEs will still be given.

While the Implementing Rules and Regulations are still on draft, The Professional Regulations Commission will conduct Real Estate Broker Licensure Examination for 2010 which will be happening on December 4 and 5 of this year.

There will also be also Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Real Estate Brokers who want to enhance their practice and for personal advancement in the coming months in which it will conducted by the Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) - National Chapter for the benefit of their members in Metro Manila. Same as with provincial chapters of this organization can organize and inform the national chapters on their plans of conducting seminars in the next few months for their members.

For interested people who want to real estate brokers and certified professionals with REBAP - Pampanga Chapter. Send me a message and will keep you updated if any new things happening in the next few months.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to find the right financing for your Real Estate Property!

Making after making a wise decision in finding the right home for you and your family takes worthwhile of amount of time and effort. It require careful research on the key elements mentioned previously in this blog. One is LOCATION, Second is SECURITY and the lastly NEIGHBORHOOD.

However, before taking the next step, you should fund the three key elements. Now, you need to plan your finance on buying that wonderful dream home you have in mind. Leveraging is accepted in buying a property. It requires a down payment or equity of at least 10 to 20% before the you can moved in for Ready for Occupancy homes or 30% down payment before the construction of the home if it is not readily yet in which it takes about 5 to 6 months to build your new home. There are other schemes available like Rent to Own which is has become rampant on Class C to D segment market of property buyers.

These are five generally available financing schemes with most Philippine developers offer to end-buyers of properties:

1. CASH Payment - You buy a house outright with 0% interest. The good thing about this is that the developers can give you discounts and other promotions to satisfy you as a client. This one is recommended for buyers who have extra money to buy in order not to worry about monthly amortizations.

2. DEFERRED Payment - Same as Cash but with extended time frame of about 6 months, 12 months and sometimes up to 60 months depending on the developers promos. It is one of the best deals if you don't have enough cash to pay outright but on an extended payment at least with no interest to worry about. The downside is that sometimes builders or developers don't offer incentives or discounts on this scheme.

3. BANK FINANCING - Generally, the bank pays outright for the property to the developer and the buyer/lending party will be the paying the property through the lendee or banking institution where they loaned to. Philippine Banks can offer from 9% to 12% interest rate per annum. It can be a fixed rates from 5 to 25 years depending on the banks prevailing rates. The downside of lending through bank is that they will scrutinize your finances by their credit investigators if ever you are acquiring a loan from them. Just be ready with your needed official documents, documents of where your source income comes from and interviews wherein they will ask you alot on how you will finance your dream property other than the income from paycheck you received.

4. IN-HOUSE FINANCING - In this, the buyer will be lending and paying the monthly amortization directly through the developer or builder itself. The average prevailing rates maybe at 14% to 18% for about 5 to 10 years payments or more depending on the available financing scheme for buyers. This is advisable for people who don't want to scrutinized with credit investigation from banking institution. Less talk indeed.

5. PAG-IBIG OR HOME MUTUAL FUND FINANCING - Lending some amount of money from this government agency in order to acquire their dream home. However the buyer member of PAG-IBIG should have made payments of at least 24 months to his account in building an equity for his/her dream home. It can be accelerated if ever the buyers intend to buy it no time as long as he/she is bona fide member of the PAG-IBIG Fund with no outstanding debts or balance with this agency.
I have written some notes about the schemes available at Slideshare. You may click the link below to enlarge and view it clearly.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting ready in investing on your first real estate?

Real Estate acquisition may seems to be an easy process of choosing the best per se a buyer should take consideration on this factors which might affect the outcome.

is very important for anyone who would wish to buy and later live in the neighborhood. The investor consider this very important in terms of convenience from different places such as the work place, schools, malls and other places of interest.

is also important due to the rising crime rates from urban with the dramatic migration of most people from rural to poor. It should have this qualities for the future client or investor to have a peace of mind. Safety is one factor that any buyer should priority.

A NEIGHBORHOOD should be homely for anyone who wants to live in safe and secure place. A friendly neighborhood is one way of seeing the goodness of people in the essence of "Bayanihan" which is part of the Filipino culture of giving a helping a hand and sharing something as well.

These three key element are very useful for everyone who wish or intends to buy a property in the coming future especially in establishing a homestead for their families. 

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Field Trip: Introducing The Yards - Avida Residences San Fernando's newest exclusive community.

Recently, Avida Land Corp. (a subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc.) recently opened its new development inside one of their top projects in Pampanga, The Yards at Avida Residences San Fernando, wherein a new and exciting for you folks, the much addition to their newest exclusive section within this premiere residential address in the City of San Fernando.

The Yards is one of the last section in the Avida Residences San Fernando to be built and developed. It will feature its very own open spaces and greenery which are far bigger and better with previous existing developments inside Avida Residences San Fernando.

Imagine the good and the desirable life that awaits you!

Payment Terms

A.Spot Cash within thirty (30) days
7% discount on Land & Houses
B.Downpayment (DP) Requirements
10-20% Spot Full DP
20% Discount on DP for Land & Houses
10% payable in six (6) months
20% payable in twelve (12) months for Land & Houses; at 0% interest
C.Deferred Cash Term
20% Spot DP
Balance Payment payable in eighteen (18) months (no name check)
Balance Payable in twenty-three (23) months (with name check).
For Land & Houses: 100% Balance Payable net of Reservation Fee can be paid in twenty-four (24) months with name check.
D.In-House Financing (IHF):
20% DP
Balance can be paid in ten (10) years
at 18% fixed interest rate
E.Special Bank Financing (BF)
10-20% DP
80% balance loanable from the Bank
at prevailing interest rate
Accredited Banks:

Special Payment Terms of 20% downpayment, balance payable up to 5 years at 0% interest is also available for selected residential lots only and at limited time only. For more information you may visit our website at or call CRB Corazon F. Baluyut at 0928-504-6781 for more details.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

PRC Appoints New Chairman and Board Members for Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Services

Dr. Eduardo G. Ong
Last March 26, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced the appoinment for the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Services at the PRC Compound in P. Paredes Street, Manila. One of the most prominent among them was Dr. Eduardo G. Ong as the new chairman for this newly formed board which will oversee the implementation and policing of ranks on the real estate professionals and the real estate industry in accordance with the Republic Act 9646: The Philippine Real Estate Service Act of 2009 Dr. Ong was made an honorary member of the Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines. Other members of the Board include:

Bansan Choa (Broker)
Ramon Cuervo (Broker/Appraiser/Consultant)
Rafael M. Fajardo (Broker/Appraiser/Consultant)
Florencio Dino (Regional Director –Assessor)

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

KALAM: The First Kampampangan Telenovela

Funny but it is true, Kampampangan Telenovela are coming. Back in 2008 and 2009. Sisigman Production / InfoMax 8 TV a local media broadcasting company have made a breakthrough in using the Kampanpangan dialect in bridging to the viewers on this new programs. Kapampangan Telenovela such KALAM became a hit among the youth of Pampanga wherein it was first shown in Holy Angel University and also outside of Metro Manila in the University of the Philippines Diliman before the program was eventually shown to public last August 27, 2008 at the Event Center of SM City Pampanga.

It was also featured in the GMA 7 courtesy of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho's program last year. Even if the Cebuanos where the first ones to adapt using the local dialect in making soap operas and telenovelas. Kapampangans are catching up with the mainstream media of using and promoting the vernaculars as the main language in reaching the locals of Pampanga and at the same showing other people how and what the real Kampampangans are in terms of their culture and traditions. It gives pride as well to the people of Pampanga on what producers of the program can do in promoting Filipinism as well being a Kapampangan too. I have put down the KALAM TV link on this site.

One of the alumnus of Kalam TV Series is Ms. Helen Nicollete Henson, a real Kampampangan beauty queen and contestant to the 2010 Binibining Pilipinas Pageant won the second runner-up title in this prestigious contest of beauty and brains. I have put a link on the Facebook Official Fan Page of Ms. Helen Nicollete Henson for all to view.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Field Trip: Nouveau Residences...A new home experience in Pampanga

The Nouveau Residences is a newest residential address in Angeles City. It is in close proximity to major conveniences around this bustling metropolis and a few distance away from the newest Ayala Mall, Marquee Mall Angeles.

Nouveau Residences is one of the latest development of Hausland Realty and Development Corp., the makers of Metro Clark Homes Angeles City and Mabalacat, La Casa Nueva in San Agustin, City of San Fernando, Timog Park Homes in Friendship Highway, Angeles City and many others. It has ventured into midcost yet affordable homes that are sought after by middle class families. Hausland launched the grand opening of this project last March 3, 2010 at The Lewis Grand Hotel, Don Juico Avenue, Angeles City.

Nouveau Residences offers amenities and features which are at par with developments of top national developers at an affordable price with different modes of payments to choose from in-house financing, bank financing, cash payments or PAG-IBIG / Home Mutual Development Fund.

Come and join this wonderful neighborhood and experience the living comforts of Nouveau Residences.

For more details, please call 045-961-5936 - C. F. Baluyut Realty - Real Estate Broker License No. PGA 04-069R or visit

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Invest in Pampanga?

A lot of people think of Pampanga as the province of great cuisine and people who have the gastronomic passion of cooking food. However in the old days, Pampanga was an agricultural land had been the food basket of Central Luzon before Nueva Ecija took over the helm as the food basket of Central Luzon. Pampanga has progressed since the U.S. Air Force at Clark Air Base had official left the country back in 1993 together with U. S. Navy's Subic Naval Base in Zambales after the Mt. Pinatubo Eruption and the historic closure of this back in 1991 ratified by the Philippine government.

Pampanga has rich cultural and historical places to visit, with old churches buried in the lahar still it brings historical account of how people live in the Spanish colonial periods. Holy Angel University, among the top universities in Central Luzon has established the Juan G. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies as a resource of education in the rich history, culture and the dialect of most people living here, Pampango.

Pampanga is in the crossroads of Asia, It has become a major hotspot of investment and infrastructure development with it growing population and market. Pampanga has put it sights as another destination for Metro Manila resident to move out and live with its close proximity to the National Capital Region which is just an hour ride away via North Luzon Expressway.

A lot of major companies and business have move to Pampanga and have invested inside the major special economic zones in this province in which its job creation of movement of businesses to this region improved the lives of the people in which people prosper in their living condition and at the same time springboard the local economy to be competitive with other places. Offices of regional and national offices and agency are located as satellite branches in City of San Fernando, Clark Freeport and Angeles City in order to serve the needs of the people in Central Luzon.

Currently, Pampanga is catching up with the rest and has become almost at par with Metro Manila standard of living at a much lower in terms of commodity of prices. Population is rapidly growing and that the Metro Manila is slowly decongesting in order to attain a livable place. Economic growth of the province should least coincide with the population growth.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Passing of the Republic Act 9646: Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines

In the past 20 years, professional real estate organization and some lawmakers have been trying to pass this bill in its conception in the early 1980s. This bill has come to many version and many of these were not improved or let it die in the process without the recognition needed from the legislative and executive bodies of the congress and senate. However, on June 29, 2009, joint cooperation between congress and senate which was led by Senators Panfilo Lacson, Rodolfo Biazon and Antonio Trillanes with and other congressmen have recently given the much law professionalizing the realty trade which is necessarily needed in the real estate industry.

Groups such as Real Estate Broker Association of the Philippines have lobbied for this law to take effect in order to lessen the incidence of crime concerning the realty and at the same time professionalizing and streamlining the laws in the practice of this profession not just an occupation. In recognition of this, The Professional Regulation Commission has taken over the giving of examinations and licensing from Department of Trade and Industry - Bureau of Trade in such it will also create a board that overseers the realty trade and practice under the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Services.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tourism in Pampanga: Promoting the best of the province.

During my spare time, I always see this videos when I watch INFOMAX 8, the leading Pampanga channel which caters to the Capampangan people using the native dialect as a medium of reaching the people and also CLTV 36 which is a main channel of the Central Luzon.

There are great places you can see in Pampanga wherein February is the most exciting time of seeing some of those Hot Air Balloons flying at mid-air in the early mornings and late afternoon.
The 15th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival will be held on February 11 to 14, 2010 at Clark Freeport Zone. The venue will be along M.A. Roxas Highway (Mitchell Highway) which a approximate less than a kilometer from the main entrance of Clark - SM City Clark and the American Military Cemetery - Clark Air Base.

Press release link courtesy of MarQuee Mall and Sunstar Pampanga (see Marquee Mall joins 15th Hot Air Balloon Festival).

Come and join us on the festivities! See you there guys

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

C. F. Baluyut Realty | Pampanga Real Estate

I recently added our affiliate website, C. F. Baluyut Realty in this blog.

C. F. Baluyut Realty is an indenpendent real estate brokerage company based in City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. It is a project seller / specialist with accreditations from different major developers such as Ayala Land Co., Filinvest Inc., Robinsons Land Corp., Landco Pacific Corp., and others that have changed the landscape from rural to urban setting of the province of Pampanga.

The company has been in the business since 2004 when it started out until it grew and expanded into one major sales force of agents and licensed real estate brokers with affiliation from the Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines, Inc - Pampanga Chapter (REBAP-Pampanga Chapter).

It has become the leading real estate services company that has become no. 1 Top seller in two Ayala Land Co. projects in Pampanga.

To know more of this company, visit

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