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Thursday, December 10, 2009

City of San Fernando, Pampanga...The future model city of the Philippines

I was impressed with the recent improvements and infrastructure development happening through the city especially the major road repairs and improvements, lessened traffic blockage and widening of the road of McArthur Highway with the initiative and efforts of the national government agency of the Department of Public Works and Highways and in support of the city government of San Fernando led by honarable Mayor Oscar S. Rodriguez and council.

A lot of people got impressed with this breakthrough of giving the city folks of San Fernando the basic services in terms of education, health, transportation and communication, trade and industry, environmental management, public safety and order, cultural preservation and good governance. Mayor Oscar "Oca" Rodriguez have given priorities in this agenda which has become beneficial for the city folks. With his track record of good governance, City of San Fernando transformed into major competitive city in terms of being the 2009 Most Business Friendly LGU in the whole Philippines. Mayor Oscar Rodriguez is among the 2005 finalist of World Mayor Award.

In 2008, City of San Fernando, Pampanga has been selected as Top 8 destination of Best Places to live in the Philippines together with Pampanga's chartered city, Angeles. See full ranking below or click the Moneysense Philippines Magazine, March-April 2008 issue:

Full Ranking of Best Places to Live in the Philippines:

1. Bacolod
2. Makati
3. Davao

4. Marikina
5. Iloilo
6. Las Pi
7. Pasig

8. San Fernando, Pampanga
9. Mandaluyong

10. Quezon City
11. Manila
12. Batangas
13. Cagayan de Oro
14. Muntinlupa

15. Angeles
16. Baguio

17. Lipa
18. Calamba
19. General Santos

20. Cebu

We would also like to invite our viewwe on our Annual Giant Lantern Festival competition or "Ligligan Parul" in our native tongue which will be held on December 19, 2009 at the Robinsons Starmills Pampanga with nine participating barangays: Dolores, Del Pilar, San Jose, San Juan, San Nicolas, Santa Lucia, Santo Nino, San Pedro, Telabastagan. Festival Committee is headed by Dr. Lourdes Javier. You can also watch the program live on CLTV 36 on Cable TV.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pampanga Real Estate TV - Online Real Estate Philippines

We recently rearrange and organized a channel in our effort to give you the options of viewing our uploaded videos as one network for easy viewing and decision making.

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Pampanga Real Estate TV

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pampanga Real Estate Guide, Trend and Review TV

We would like announce the newest addition on our blog site. With the demand of knowledge from our viewers and future clients in the real estate. We are happy to introduce to you Pampanga Real Estate Guide, Trend and Review TV which now available at our account. We have chosen as our hosting in order to reach also the younger generation of netizens of the world. has become a very useful and easy to use multimedia tool in the current times.

Soon, we will be featuring new insight and latest trend on real estate project here in the province of Pampanga. Watch out for it and will be waiting for you comments and suggestions soon.

Have a Good Day!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Small Tribute to Tita Cory.

Our beloved icon of Philippine democracy which has inspired other countries around the world in the 1980s said her last farewell. I never assumed that her passing would be a bit emotional for most of us who were born and seen her as our adoring mother of our nation after the disintegration of Marcos regime in February 1986 - EDSA People Power Revolution which was flocked by more than 2,000,000 Filipinos who were up against the dictator that tore down this country.

I was only a child then as I remembered flashing the Laban sign and wearing a yellow shirt with the Ninoy's face silkscreened on it. The martial law years was a very dark and terrible year under the Marcos' regime. If we rethink and study the past most of the known governments in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia during Suharto's regime, Myanmar and others have resorted to due to the rising communist threat of the Soviet bloc nations and China.

I feel very reluctant that we were given a strong leader such as her. I underestimated her strength as a woman wherein leading the country is one of the most stressful appointment or position.

Looking back in the past, United States and its allies have devised plans to halt and intervene the spread of communism by indirectly supporting mujaheedeen fighters in Afghanistan, sending combat troops in the fourteen year old Vietnam War which has spread to nearby countries such as Laos and Cambodia which were once part of the colonies of the old French Indochina after World War 2.

Thank you Tita Cory for the wonderful years of helping restore democracy to the Philippines again.

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