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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Dream Come true...Free Boracay Trip by SEAIR & Ivan About Town

I have been an avid reader of Ivan Henares blog since 2006 where it features most of the spots in the Philippines that I have never been or heard some of them before. Well it was so exciting to learn through other people's experience on travelling to different places in the Philippines and how I envy Ivan for that. How I wish I can travel faraway to a land I have never been to and experience the same things as what Ivan had gone through.

Getting to Boracay is one of my dreams that I want to fulfill this year. I would love to join this contest. I truly need a well-earned vacation that has a lasting and soothing effect in my stressful life and also a have a slice of the good life after all I have being in this present moment.

Cultivating our culture and at same time putting pride on the faces of Filipinos through tourism gives us a happy thought we can brag to other nationalities about our land, our people and what we can share to them. Let's show, feel, hear and taste the Filipino hospitality to them.

Even here in Pampanga, I haven't been to some of the historical spots he mentioned in his blog where I like to visit in the near future. Thus, it expanded my views and knowledge wherein it gave me the sense of pride of being of being a Capampangan and as a Filipino and a nationalist as well.
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