Google Pampanga Real Estate Guide, Trend and Review: October 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcome to the Pampanga Real Estate Guide and Trends!

Hi Guys!

I am CRB Benedict F. Baluyut, a licensed real estate broker / accredited agent with major real estate developers in the Philippines with three years of experience in real estate brokerage and project selling which is my current specialization.

In this blog I can help you get the best deal from the local to major real estate developers in the country within Pampanga and other adjacent places nearby Metro Manila. Provide with advise on latest real estate tax transaction and other up to date information regarding real estate trend in Pampanga.

There have been major developments in PAMPANGA or the past 6 years after the end of perilous fate from Mt. Pinatubo wherein local and foreign investors have been keep their sights and their radar in the Philippines. Major infrastructure have been developed from roads and public transport and telecommunications for the past few years.

I hope this thread would be of use to you in finding the right place for you here in Philippines especially in our home province of Pampanga.

Malaus co pu queng ce caming balen (Welcome to our home)!